Rummi 20.1

Developer YPR Software BV

Rummi is a computer game for Windows, Macintosh, Linux.

Intel® Play (tm) QX3 (tm) Computer Microscope

Intel® Play (tm) QX3 (tm) Computer Microscope 1.4

Developer Intel

Intel (r) Play (tm) QX3 (tm) Computer Microscope

Intel (r) Play (tm) QX3 (tm) Computer Microscope 1.4

Developer Intel

Auto MP3 Player

Auto MP3 Player 1.2

Developer Lifsoft,INC

Allows your computer auto wakes up to play MP3 music and auto closes.


Play Yahtzee Against Computer

ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer

ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer 5.4

Developer ImTOO

Transfer music, movies, photos, messages, and apps from iPod to computer.

Video Screensaver

Video Screensaver 1.0

Developer AIV Software

The Video Screensaver lets you use your own videos and MP3's as a screensaver.

Infinite Crosswords

Infinite Crosswords 3.0

Developer uclick LLC / Playtonium Games

Play and solve almost infinite different crosswords from famous newspapers.

DSW Piano

DSW Piano 0.1

Developer DemonicSoftware

Converts your PC keyboard into a piano and let you play and record your songs.

Jungle Checkers

Jungle Checkers 1.5

Developer MousePeople Interactive

Play against the computer in a game of connect-four. The object is to strategically drop colored coc...


Chess-7 4.0

Developer Style-7

Practice your chess skills or learn how to play with this Chess game.


NetChess 0.9

Developer RS Software Lab

Play chess with opponent over internet/intranet or on local computer.

Two Handed Net Spades

Two Handed Net Spades 3.0

Developer Windswept Software

Play Two Handed Spades against the computer or against an opponent on a network.

All American Gin Rummy

All American Gin Rummy 5.0

Developer WinGames.Inc

Play Standard, Oklahoma, Hollywood Gin Rummy Computer/Remote Play.

MeggieSoft Games Canasta

MeggieSoft Games Canasta 16.4

Developer Meggiesoft Games

Play two-player Canasta against an online opponent or against your computer.


Play Yahtzee Against Computer


Bezique 1.1

Developer Malcolm Bain

A fascinating card game for two in which you play against the computer.

Chinese Chess Soul

Chinese Chess Soul 6.2

Developer ChineseChessSoul,Inc

Chinese Chess is an ancient game of intelligence.Your family members can join in.

Blackjack Suite

Blackjack Suite 1.7

Developer Fungames4me

Play one on one with the dealer or play with a group of computer players.

Noteworthy Backgammon

Noteworthy Backgammon 1.1

Developer Guardian Games

Play classic backgammon on your computer with advanced computer opponents. Noteworthy Backgammon in...

Intel? Play (tm) QX3 (tm) Computer Microscope

Intel? Play (tm) QX3 (tm) Computer Microscope 1.4

Developer Intel

Intel Play (tm) QX3 (tm) Computer Microscope

Intel Play (tm) QX3 (tm) Computer Microscope 1.4

Developer Intel

AgataSoft TimeLock

AgataSoft TimeLock 1.0

Developer AgataSoft

Does your child play on a computer for a whole day? Spending to much time at the computer can be a q...

DKM CardSharp

DKM CardSharp 2.1

Developer DKM Software

DKM CardSharp - six games to play against computer opponents.


OpenItsMe 3.3

Developer OpenItsMe Ltd.

OpenItsMe is a software that lets you chat, share files with your friends.

NVIDIA 3DTV Play Activation Utility

NVIDIA 3DTV Play Activation Utility 266.7

Developer NVIDIA Corporation

This utility will authorize your computer to use 3DTV Play.

Chess Against Computer

Chess Against Computer 1.0

Developer Chess Against Computer

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