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Atmosphere Deluxe
Unique tool that allows you to turn your computer into...
Vectormedia Software
AudioEdit Deluxe
Advanced audio editor and converter supporting all the...
Mystik Media
DJ Audio Editor
Full-featured audio editor with support for nearly all known media files.
Program4Pc Inc.

Play the Noise of

Akram Audio Editor
An application to edit your audio files, add effects, trim, mix.
Akram Soft
Magic Audio Recorder
Advanced audio recorder tool for your PC.
Magic Video Software Inc.
document management, image manipulation & sound editing FileMaker plug-in.
Winbond Electronics Corp
Voice Shaper
Speech pre-processor for SSB transceivers.
Afreet Software, Inc
White Noise Player
Loops your WAV file for noise reduction or relaxation.
Sardine Software
Dart Pro 24
audio tools for maximizing sound quality.
Fast, user-friendly and affordable stop motion animation program.
Fox Audio Recorder
Fox Audio Recorder cleans up the noise of LPs, tapes, live music, etc.
Foxeasy Software
White Noise Sleep System
It plays sound samples (mp3, wav, mid, avi, wma, ...) in a continuously loop.
White Noise Sleep System
DAK Equalizer
DAK's Recording EQ 2-Plus makes new dramatically enhanced copies of your music.
DAK Industries, Inc

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Play the Noise of

Hit'n'Mix Play
Hit'n'Mix Play alows you to rip and rebuild your tracks.
Hit'n'Mix Ltd
Aerosoft - American Aerolites Falcon
Climb performance depends a lot the air around you.
Aerosoft - American Aerolites Falcon
VA-Lab is a solution for all your needs in Acoustics Measurement and Analysis.
BSWA Technology Co., Ltd.
Webcam Motion Detector
Motion detection and webcam monitoring software.
Zebra-Media Surveillance System
Video surveillance and motion capture software solution.
Zebra-Media Software
Gutterball - Golden Pin Bowling
It lets you play bowling as if you were in a real alley.
Skunk Studios, Inc.
Ample Guitar G
It aims to bring the Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar sound to your studio.
Ample Sound Co., Ltd.
Zeal Player
QO Labs
Master Audio
Used to edit audio files with waveform support.
Code-it Software Solutions
Ample Bass P Lite II
Aims to bring the Fender Precision Bass sound to your studio.
Ample Sound Technology Co., Ltd.